Today’s Lifeline Magazine Vol7 No1


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The man of God we interviewed for this edition of Today’s Lifeline Magazine is unique in many ways; not only can he quote from about seventy-five percent of the New Testament by heart, he has demonstrated by his lifestyle similar sacrifices described in Apostle Paul’s epistles. Reverend Ade Adebayo or “Revo” (pronounced Rev-oh), as he is fondly called by many is a man who has chosen to preach the full gospel of Christ. He has relentlessly committed himself to the course of Christ striving to make Him known through the Church he leads, in his home, and his attitude of dogged determination to make decisions that honor God. Revo shares many nuggets of what he considers a singular truth with us in this precious interview. As you read, the theme for Revo’s life and ministry begins to evolve.



Today’s Lifeline Magazine Vol7 No1


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